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Friday, 6 January 2012

Notes to Picture Essay 2

I made a few adjustments to my presentation of my photo essay after feedback from my tutor. I've added a few captions and put a wider border around the printed photos. It does look better.  I'm still not certain about the last two photos.  I have changed the order of those two several times. My first layout (on the table ) I put the beer can last.  When I finally put it together I put the portrait of the man who had been attacked last to leave the viewer with a strong emotion at the end. I have now reverted back to the can last. I still can't decide which is better.  However I feel that I do have a strong body of work and that this is a minor issue.
My first captions I put the names of everyone except for the last person. Mainly it was I didn't have his name so I put a comment as to why he had been beaten up.  My tutor thought a name better than the caption I had put.  He didn't know I didn't know it.  I thought about and agreed it was letting the work down.  So I spent another week on the streets until I got his name.  It was worth it.
Overall I am quite pleased with the final version.

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