The Art of Photography

Friday, 11 February 2011

Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Our brief, to produce 4 photos each of horizontal and vertical lines without repeating the way in which a line appears. For the horizontal I began with the obvious (a pedestrian crossing). Horizontal lines are probably the easiest as they are everywhere. I tried to find less obvious horizontal lines as in the radishes and the arm of the statue.

I found with vertical lines I needed to look harder.The cranes, the masts of the boats were perhaps obvious. The struts on the bridge with the statue figure a little less so.  I then tried to find something not so obvious.  The water over flowing from the lock meant I had to lay down on the ground to get the lines of the water. It is also the only image for vertical that is a horizontal picture.
After completing this exercise I see lines everywhere. Really looking forward to circles.

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