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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Implied Lines

We were given two images in our course notes to find the implied lines. The first a matador and bull. The cape of the matador and a line on the ground create an S shaped curved. The second image is of a farmer with two donkeys, threshing corn. There are implied diagonal lines in the eye line between the two donkeys, the farmer and the donkey closest to him. Also a further diagonal line of the donkeys hooves and the farmers feet.

Next we were required to find three images of our own and do the same thing. I eventually found the images below which I think show implied lines as required.
First the image of the Greek priests.I have drawn the implied lines created by eye contact.
The second image is also a line created by eye contact.  This time a single line.
The third image the implied line is a curve created by the mannequin and the woman next to her.
In each of the images the implied relationship strengthens the image.
The first image would not be the same if it was either the priest on his own on the left or alternatively the three priests on the right on their own.  It is the relationship between them that creates the image with something to say.
Again the second image of the two very different men with nothing in common but aware of one another that makes this image more than just a man in front of the beach.
The picture of the woman in the third image would not be so striking if she was not linked to the mannequin in the same profile.

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