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Friday, 8 April 2011

Peter Greenaway

On a brighter note, last Friday I attended the V&A organised event to hear Peter Greenaway talk about the Language of Display.
My favourite director, the man is a genius. Hearing some of his new ideas and seeing clips of some of his new work was so inspiring.
He is making paintings come alive with light and sound. Filling spaces such as the Veanria Reale in Turin with projected people on the walls, so you enter the castle and feel as though you are stepping back to another time with people all around you.
His visual ideas of changing the frame, not being restricted to a rectangle screen that we all sit in front of, but have different sizes and shapes that we interact with.
I will go and revisit some of the great paintings and try and see them moving. With different light.
He is very inspiring in getting you to see things that don't fit the usual box. Think outside the square.

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