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Monday, 9 May 2011

Art in Hong Kong

On my recent trip to NZ I stopped over in Hong Kong. Spent a day visitng the galleries in Hollywood Road. Trinkets and antiques are popular with tourists but if you are visiting, go to the galleries. Well known and established artists sit alongside new and emerging artists.
Among the artists who really stood out for me were painter,Lin Yingzhao. The light and shadow in his works are breath taking. I know that sounds o.t.t. but I just stood in front of his paintings with my mouth open. The colour and light are perfect.

This one of the lemons was my favourite.
You felt as though you could touch the folds in the table cloth and feel the sunshine pouring in through the window.
The Connoisseur Gallery has thumbnails of his latest work.

Since I started looking at lots more paintings and less photographs I'm seeing light and colour differently. The painters, whose work stands out for me, really do have an incredible understanding of light and colour.

Another artist whose work excited me was Ricardo Mazal. A Mexican artist whose work is a combination of photography, digital sketching and painting. The exhibition, KORA, was the result of his pilgrimage to Tibet. (Kora is the name of the 33-mile trek around the peak of Mount Kailash). You can see his work at the Sundaramgallery along with their describtion of what influenced his work.

What excited me was the colour and the texture. I'm sure being Mexican influenced his use of colour. When I visited Mexico many years ago, if asked to describe the place in one word, without hesitation it would be COLOUR.
His work is so vibrant. I'd love to have this on my wall.
How fortunate for me to see works focusing on colour at the same time as I am studying colour. What goes with what and proportions stood out for me as well. Looking at this reminded me of the work I saw in Barcelona earlier this year. I commented on the work of William Scott and how I felt his use of colour just didn't work. Seeing Ricardo Mazal's work reinforced for me the choice of colour, the hue, vibrance, amount, placement and texture make or break an image.

I'm also seeing a common thread in the work that really inspires me. Light, colour and focusing on one theme. (that last one will make my tutor happy as she is trying to get me to do this.)
I am trying.

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