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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Exhibition - Contemporary South African Photography

This exhibition on at the V&A really spun my wheels. These photos jump off the walls at you.
What was it about this work, that made more impact on me, than the spectacular photos at the Sony Awards?
I'm drawn to work that has makes a strong statement. Tells a story. Has emotion. This body of work has all of this. The work was varied, each photographer had chosen a different subject, yet there was a similar theme running through the work making you think about life in South Africa for different groups of people. The Hyena Men by Pieter Hugo is so macho. The street chic portraits by Nontsikelelo Veleko reminded me of the young trendy Japanese. Jodi Beiber's images of women in their underwear in their homes really showed how stroppy/confident these woman are. A powerful comment on body image.

It is work like this that I would feel proud to create. Making the pictures talk to you. Having the viewer feel strong emotions, whatever they are: happy, angry, sad, just as long as it is not nothing.

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