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Friday, 16 September 2011

Contrast and Shadow Fill

Understanding contrast and shadow fill.  The images below were taken as follows:
  • No diffuser
  • with diffuser
  • with a white reflector about 3ft away
  • with a white reflector close
  • with a gold reflector
  • with crumpled foil as a reflector
The last three images are similar. With the light reflected back both sides of the hat are well lit. The first image without diffused light has the most contrast and the right hand side of the had has light shadows.  The pictures were all taken during the day so there is a lot of ambient light, so while the image shows contrast it is not as strong as if the light was darker plus the walls of the room are white. So while I attempted to control the light I still had a lot of light being bounced into the pictures.
I'll do this exercise again with a model when it is darker to demonstrate how much light can be controlled.

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