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Monday, 5 December 2011


The option I have chosen to use to illustrate juxtaposition is to use the still life approach  creating a book cover.  I have opted for very strong subject matter using symbols to suggest a relationship. The relationship being the mutilation of a young girl and men's sexual power over women. The sole reason that young girls are subjected to this cruelty is for men's pleasure and their power over them.
I recently read an article in the newspaper that 3.500 young girls in London are subjected to genital mutilation each year. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could create a visual image that would connect the abuse of young girls to the sexual politics of men over women.  A barbie doll seemed to me to cover the later. After reading that girls are generally violated with razor blades, scissors or even glass I decided on the symbols of a girls panties with a razor blade to represent  the abuse.

I have used several tools to illustrate juxtaposition.  Viewpoint, symbols, lighting and colour.  I've used a wide aperture to create a soft focus that aids the sense of the doll being an image of a woman.  I have place the razor blade just below the print of a fairy on the panties to create the sense of lost childhood and chosen red as the background colour to represent the amount of bleeding that will occur. I've used lighting to have lots of shadow and black edges to imply that this is something hidden, not spoken openly about, yet the communities in which it happens all know about it.

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