The Art of Photography

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Our brief for this exercise was to produce a strong image on rain. This image is one I took previously, juggling an umbrella and my camera with a long lens.  Not easy! In addition I have fast activity.
Rain is difficult to photograph so you need to have an image that shows the effects of rain. Lots of umbrellas is the easiest image to show rain. When I took this image I was after something that would show how unpleasant the conditions on the day were. His rain coat is sticking to him, his glasses have rain drops on them and his face shows he is not exactly happy.

I have had ideas to create a newer image but I haven't had the rain I was after and so far haven't found a willing model.  I have a vision of someone caught in the rain absolutely drenched with their hair clinging to their face and raindrops falling off their nose.  I'll continue to try and get that image (I can post in my next paper).

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