The Art of Photography

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Focus with a set aperture

AV: 1.4

In each of these images the I have focused on a different bike.  The first image I have selected the furtherest away bike. The second image the middle bike and the third image the closest bike.
For this subject the third image focused on the closest bike is my preference.  In the other two images it is harder to know what the image is trying to portray.  When focusing on the first bike (image 3) it is clear that it is a Barclay's bike even showing the ID of the particular bike. Having the rest of the line of bikes out of focus tells the viewer that the are many bikes without confusing the image.  It also puts the car at the back of the image so out of focus it doesnt' detract from the picture.  In the first image the car is clear to the point of detracting from the image.

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