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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Exhibition - Anthony McCall - Vertical Works

It was by pure chance that I saw this work. I was on my way to Regent's Park to photograph ducks. I saw a sign outside the Ambika P3 Gallery (I didn't know about this gallery either). Thought I'd just pop in and take a look.
I am so glad I did.
How do I describe something I don't really understand? Light from the ceiling shining down to create dusty light cones that then make solid moving shapes on the floor. Bit hard to follow I know. I spent ages walking around in the dark trying to fathom how this worked. There are lots of parts to how this seems to work. Knowing how far the light beam will project, exactly how the shapes will appear and how the dusty cone appears. I found it magical.
I came home and spent a bit of time on the web looking at Anthony McCall's work on the web. I wish I'd done physics. Photons. I'll continue to appreciate how brilliant this work is while struggling to understand how he creates these master pieces.
They are beautiful.
I found an image on the web to help my poor explanation. (I hope I have given the correct accreditation to the photographer).

Anthony McCall
Between You and I 2006
Installation view at Peer/The Round Chapel,
London, 2006
Vertical solid light installation, 32-minute cycle in two parts
Computer, QuickTime movie file, two video projectors, two haze machines
Dimensions variable.
Courtesy the artist and Sean Kelly Gallery, New York
© 2007 Anthony McCall
Photograph: Hugo Glendinning

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