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Monday, 21 March 2011

Exhibition - Il Giardino del Lauri

Spent the weekend with friends in Italy. They've just discovered this amazing private gallery very near to them. Angela and Massimo Lauro have a private collection of around 300 pieces of contemporary art. It is possible to see these works by appointment. My friend and I spent an hour or two browsing these works. Not all pieces are on display, some are in their home and some in their other place in Naples. However it was a real treat to wander around what was on display. The space is magnificent as well. I was also permitted to take photographs of the work. Below is a sculpture in the grounds outside and a photo from the works inside that I particularly liked.
It is wonderful that people like this are promoting, buying and collecting new contemporary work from around the world.
Really exciting to see what people are doing elsewhere. I found it wonderful to see so many varied forms of art sitting side by side. So different to a commercial gallery.

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