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Monday, 14 March 2011

Triangles - Implied

The second part of the triangle exercise is to take three pictures of implied triangles. The first two are to be still life arrangements. One with the apex at the top, the other with the apex at the bottom.
I have arranged a stack of books for the first. The second I arrange while making myself a cup of coffee to ponder on this.

The third image was to organise a group of three people so that either their faces or bodies form a triangle.
As there isn't three people in my household I figured I could go to a public place and spend time watching people until they formed a suitable triangle. Railway station seemed like a good idea.
I spotted the artist sketching the statue and figured he could be the apex of my triangle. I took several pictures, then these two girls came into my frame, their actions fitted perfectly to create my triangle
In creating these last three images it is easier to understand how useful an implied triangle is in creating some order to a picture. Each of these images took time to prevent them looking messy and having something to say.
This whole section on design has been extremely useful in teaching me to think more about how I am composing an image.

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