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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Conceptual Art

Last weekend I went to the art carboot fair. Always fabulous stuff at this event.  Conceptual art is on my mind at present. reading Tony Godfrey's book, re-reading Susan Bright's book Art Photography Now.
At the fair an artist (just finished her MA) had a box that contained strips of card grouped in 13 strips, of conceptual statements.  Yours for just £2.50.
My 13 statements are:
  • It's so foundation
  • It's not turning me on
  • It's such adolescent work
  • It's very Shrigley (had to google to see who Shrigley is)
  • I love how the piece works in the space
  • This work is very clever
  • It's so Louise Bourgeois
  • This work is very playful
  • I would prefer if there was less of it
  • Its mere form and presence are pure justification for its existence
  • This work leaves me wanting
  • It almost ticks too many boxes
I'll keep these in mind over the next few weeks.

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