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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Exhibitions Books and More

I really need to find a better way of getting my thoughts into one place.  I have several notebooks, sometimes I manage to write a few reasonable notes in them.  Mostly though they are scratchings that mean nothing to anyone but me. I will dive off to an exhibition when I should be doing something else I'll be inspired by something or someone but don't know how to explain why. Yet this journal is supposed to do all this in a succinct way. I'm failing big time.
OK, tonight I am going to jot down some ramblings or I'll never catch up with everything.  in the recent past I've seen Paul Graham's work at White chapel gallery.  Loved it.  I could really identify with his comments regarding the lawn mowing man.  Something along the lines of: I went to photograph the landscape but it was boring and I found the man mowing the lawns way more interesting. I could hear myself saying something so very similar.
I had an impromptu visit to Paris. When one is offered a ticket on the provision you go within the hour. Well of course I'd go, even though it was only for the day. What did I do. Lunch with one of my friends and two galleries.  One of the galleries is my favourite. Jeu de Paume. This time I saw the work of Claude Cahun. Well that just blew me out of my cotton socks. I rescheduled my remaining hours and spent them there. (so often that happens to me at this gallery) What an amazing woman.  She questioned everything. Sexuality (her own and others) a true resistance french person (not one who claimed to be so after the event) totally eccentric, and photographed everything in her life. I am blown away by her.  An amazing list of friends. The art set of Paris. Not sure me dancing naked in cemeteries in London is a good idea in 2011 though.
Back in London, I made  a quick visit to the Estrick Gallery and saw the work of Ida Barbarigo and Zoran Music. Some I liked some not so much. Loved all the photos though.
Bought Johnnie Shand Kydd's book 'Crash'.  Great portraits. Often though I think if you have important friends to photograph you're more than half way there.
Bought a great magazine at Gare de Nord - Images No 46 - feature article on Martin Parr.  His images contain everything I have learned to date. Shapes, design, colour. The man is brilliant. I love his work. Serious but humorous. He captures the very essence of Englishness. I so want to do that in my work here.
Have just committed myself to s show and tell next week for my work to date around Kings Cross as part of the London Villages Project.
This is a thought dump the kind I write in my notebooks and then I panic followed by a pathetic attempt to put some structure or order into what I am doing. (nothing that would ever be approved my my structured ordered partner) c'est la vie.
The concept of an online journal is interesting as it should somehow be structured and sensible, yet that is not how I would ever write in a notebook journal. That would always be ramblings. When I cooked  (for a living) my ramblings created my most magnificent dishes. Not sure that transports to photography though.
Blah dy blah.

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