The Art of Photography

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Judging Colour Temperature 1

For this exercise 3 images were taken with white balance set to daylight. One in the middle of the day in full sun (top right) one in the middle of the day in shade (left) and the third when the sun is close to the horizon (bottom right).
The two images taken in the middle of the day show a huge difference. The sky was very blue and the sun very bright. In full sun the colours are white or neutral. In the shade there is a blue cast.  As expected the image shot at sunset is very warm with rich golden colours. The surprise for me was how black changed.  In full sun my model's black t-shirt is rather dull. A little better in the shade but it is the rich warm colours that have produced the richest black and closer to the real colour.
For portraits full sun is not flattering. Skin colour is rather washed out with dark and harsh shadows on her face.  The shade is better for skin but the blueness has made her grey hair seem greyer than in reality. The daylight setting at sunset has made her skin a little too golden.

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