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Monday, 11 July 2011

Judging Colour Temperature 2

As for previous exercise these sets of photos were taken Midday Sun, Midday Shade, sun close to the horizon.  Three photos taken at each time with three different white balance settings.  AWB, daylight, shade.

Note the differences:
AWB in each set gives a slight blue cast.  Shade white balance gives a golden glow. A bit too warm for my liking.  At each time and condition I prefer the daylight setting.  (one I tend to mostly use as well).  I may have had a different outcome with a different subject and in a different environment.  London either has a lot of cloud which diffuses the light or if it is a bright clear day then there is a pollution haze.  Both tend to cool the colour and give a very slight cast.  Hence why I opt for daylight setting for most of my outdoor shots in London.  I will redo this exercise when I am out of London next.

Each set left to right are AWB, daylight, shade:

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