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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Rise Above it All

No wonder I haven't had any feed back from my last assignment or replies to my emails.  My tutor is ditching me. Seems her interest is only in working with conceptual ideas at a high level.  Terrific. I'm told in an email that my new tutor will be in touch soon.  Should I point out that this news was delivered by someone who doesn't know the difference between there and their.  Feeling confident? Obviously I'm not. Thinking I picked the wrong school? You bet. I'm struggling to know if I should carry on with this course or ditch it now and put my effort into a few courses I have found that look really good. Feeling like I have wasted weeks playing around with research and reading to try and 'conceptualise' now feel annoyed that I could have been moving on and be up to date with exercises in the program.
Up and onwards will see how I feel in a week.

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  1. Sorry to hear you have been messed about. Don't give up after all you hard work not to mention the money you have paid. Seems to me your original tutor is in the wrong place if she doesn't want to encourage you.