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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Canon Expo

Last year I went to the Canon Expo (at the business centre in Islington High St) and spent most of the time fondling products.  This year I went and mostly ignored the sales side and spend the best part of two days going to the seminars. A couple are showing you products. i didn't attend those ones. The draw card for mw was Martin Parr.  I have long admired his work and wanted to hear the man in person. I was really disappointed. He is not an inspirational speaker, I found him rather arrogant and condescending. But I was lifted by Peter Dench. I guess you could say he has modelled himself along similar lines and style to Martin Parr, but he is a very entertaining speaker, humble about his work, which is exceptional.
IThe other photogrpaher who really inspired me was Liz Hingley.  A young photographer that already has loads of accolades and awards. Her work is closer to what I aspire to do, working closely with individuals or communities. She has gone to extraordinary lengths to get her pictures. Her project on religon is incredible as was her process.  She joins the community she is photographing and lives along side them while taking her pictures.  I'll be following her in the future.  Her link for my reference:

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