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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Exhibition - Biennale

Got a chance to fit in some of the Biennale in Venice. I love this festival. Always there is work I love and work that does nothing for me.
One body of work I saw was at the Palazzo Bembo - Personal Structures.

I also raced around the pavilion at Giardini.  The problem is when you see so much is all becomes a blur and often what stays with you is what you don't like or the work that makes you feel uncomfortable.

I did take in the work of a photographer from South Africa, David Goldblatt.  A body of work of ex offenders at the scene of their crime, he had their comments beside each image.  I was particularly interested in how he composed the pictures and used their words. I was especially interested because of a body of work I am trying to do at the moment with addicts in London. The combination of images with the subjects comments rather than an outsiders comments I felt made the work much stronger.

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