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Monday, 31 October 2011

Exhibition - UK Poverty Photo Exhibition

After seeing some of Liz Hingley's work and listening to her speak at the Canon Expo I was keen to see the body of work commissioned by 'Save the Children' for their UK Poverty Campaign. Just showed for three days at House of St Barnabas.  Six photographers have each taken images around the UK depicting poverty.  I found this to be a very strong body of work and incredibly moving.  In a way that brings you closer to the people.  You feel as if you have met them all yourself. The work isn't presented in a way that makes the families victims.  Work like this is what I would like to be doing. Stories told like this really make you want to do something. To change political decisions. Visual stories have such strong impact. Talking to one of the organisers after seeing the work was enlightening too.  She has worked in this area for many years and even she was moved and shocked by this work. That is an indication of how brilliant this work is.  We discussed the problems of being able to finance bigger exhibitions of this work.  Something to consider if doing work like this is how and who is going to fund it.
UK Poverty Photo Exhibition.

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