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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Exhibition - Francesca Woodman @ Victoria Miro Gallery

Managed to make it to see the photos of Francesca Woodman at the Victoria Miro Gallery on the last day of the exhibition.
This collection of previously unseen photos of Francesca Woodman were worth the visit.  Unaware of this photographer before seeing this work, her life is as intriguing as her work.
I found some of the photos of herself a little self absorbed. (will I be shot down for saying that) other images I thought were brilliant.  The majority of her images are of naked women (mostly herself) blending into the environment, but excluding the head (although not always).  The photos I especially loved were those where she appeared to be part of the crumbling plaster wall or those where she seems to be branches of the trees.

Over the next couple of days I couldn't get her images out of my mind and have looked for more of her work and to find out more about her life.  She committed suicide at just 22. I can't help but wonder how her work would have developed had she lived.
I found links to more of her work on wikipedia. Some very powerful images here.

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