The Art of Photography

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Preparing for the first exercise (positioning a point) we are required to look through previously taken photographs that have obvious points. My selection of 12 photos (below) all have obvious points. Two have more than one point.  The woman with the red umbrella and the runner are two obvious points. The photo of the steps of St Paul's has three points. The man with the briefcase being the main and obvious point, the two people sitting on the stairs the other two. The three figures forming a triangle. I have also chosen one photo with the point being in the centre of the frame.  Although we don't choose to place the point in the centre of the frame, in this case it works.  I took several pictures of this scene and the power pole in the centre of the frame worked best. It works because the converging lines of the rail tracks draw you into the centre of the frame making a triangle.

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