The Art of Photography

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Relationship Between Points

 In this image the relationship is between the rock and the person in the centre of the image.  The rock is clearly the stronger point. I think this relationship works as the person is too small to be distracting yet gives a perspective of size to the rock surrounded by trees.

 This image the boat and the building are both strong points within the picture, although the boat is stronger as it is in the foreground of the picture and prevents the lake from being a blank space in the image. The picture would work without the building but not without the boat.

The relationship this time is between the two gulls. The gull in the air is the weaker point and in this image not welcomed.  It is distracting to the entire image, especially by being in the centre of the frame. The other gull forms part of a strong point by being on top of the sign post.

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