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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Exhibitions - James Hyman Photography

A small selection of photographs from three very different photographers: Eugene Atget, Anna Fox and Lynne Cohen.  The works of Eugene Atget were difficult to look at properly as they were in the office of the gallery staff (bizarre really) they were having a meeting so a little awkward to stand in front of the images for very long. However it did make me do a google search to view more of his works. A couple of his staircase images in the gallery I particularly liked. The lines, shape and light all come together brilliantly.
Anna Fox was my favourite in this exhibition. The images were part of her project Resorts, a view of Butlins holiday camps.  Funny I had been thinking of a similar body of work, should have known this would have been done, (probably done lots).  I do love this style of work and have slowly been finding the photographers who work in this genre. Martin Parr, Peter Dench and now Anna Fox. What I especially love is that in some ways they have the initial appearance of a family snapshot but when you study them they are far from that. They give a real glimpse into real family lives, the colour is an important element of the images and often are big and bold. I wonder how they will be viewed in 100 years.  I can't help but feel they will be of more interest than the beautiful landscapes that are taken during the same period.
The third photographer was Lynne Cohen a Canadian photographer with a selection of her work that featured at the Venice Biennale. These images as stated in the publicity blurb "explore the mystery of unoccupied space and place". I am learning to see more in this genre of images but still they don't inspire me.  I get more out of images of people.

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