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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Notes to exercise - A narrative picture essay

I had decided to use the Bloomsbury festival as my practice exercise as I work toward the Assignment 5. I tried to get a variety of pictures that would give the viewer a feel for the day, including a portrait, detail and the scene. The festival is mostly art and culture involving organisations and museums in the area.

The next part was to edit the photos down to between 5 and 15.  I found this difficult especially as some of the photos weren't technically very good. What do I do? just use technically good pictures or put in those that tell the best story?  I opted for the latter.

Now layout.  Geez, I've no idea how to layout.  I printed the pictures in various sizes and laid them out on the table trying to find groupings and sizes that worked best.

Next captions.  Now I'm way outside of comfort zone. Hence the brief captions.

How do I now get if from scraps on the table into some kind of document.  I finally went with MS publisher and saved as a pdf.
More hours on the Internet to find how I could get this into my blog journal.  I tried a couple of  sites where you upload your document then copy the code into blogger. First attempts had parts of pictures and loads of frustration. More research. Finally found  Scribd.
Seems to work reasonably well without too many problems.
Feeling more than a little concerned about the final assignment.

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