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Monday, 7 November 2011

Workshop - The Picture Story

Did a one day workshop (organised through L.I.P.) with Martin Shakeshaft on the picture story.  With 15 of us on the workshop with varying skills and Martin attempting to show us everything from successful documentaries to putting together a punchy small film we weren't going to be able to get lots of detail.  Still we were encouraged to take a section of what we wanted and go with that.  I chose to try and photograph a picture essay incorporating the important elements we had discussed in the morning session. If doing an editorial feature it would typically be between 2-7 images. The most important shot is the establishing shot.  This image puts the story into perspective, places the story.  It may be the only image used so must tell the whole story in that one image. Typically wide angle shot.
Next pace. A variety of images shot from different perspectives, long shot, mid shot, wide shot, close-up, relationships. Avoid boredom by changing the rhythms of the photographs.
We regrouped at the end of the day to discuss what each of us had done.  I found the establishing shot extremely difficult.  Martin told us this is always the hardest shot even for those who have been doing it for years.
For me these are all elements I will need to incorporate into my photo essay.

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