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Friday, 25 November 2011

Notes to exercise - A narrative picture essay 2nd attempt

My first attempt at a photo essay wasn't great, I know that but couldn't put my finger on why. I asked my tutor for feedback. Other than the obvious way the sw has put a strange version on my blog with loads of blank spaces was the layout. Not in nice neat columns. One of his suggestions was to study magazines and newspapers. So I did.
I'm still working through the sw issue. I just have to learn more and find free sw that will work for me. Not a bad option.
Note to myself: Learn how to achieve what you are trying to do with the tools you have. By the time you can afford the expensive sw you will know exactly what you want to use it for.
I've spent hours browsing magazines and book covers in stores. Studying the layout and how the subject matter is treated. Keeping in mind the next exercises I need to complete before the final assignment. I have put together another photo essay (in the post below). I'm happier with the layout, I need to think more about the comments and how the photos link together. The story I'm hoping to tell for my assignment will be strong so I need to think a lot about the images I need to connect them all. I'm becoming increasingly aware of how strong images put together well stand out from those around them. Since doing this study I'm becoming more aware of everything around me.

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